Work-Based Solutions

Are you a degreed professional with a job offer in the US? Does your foreign-based company want to transfer you to the US as a manager, executive, or specialized knowledge employee? Are you an entrepreneur who wants to start your own business in the US?

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Family-Based Solutions

Are you engaged to a US Citizen or green card holder? Do you have a sibling, parent, spouse, or child over 21 who is a US Citizen? Do you have a parent or spouse who is a green card holder? Are you a US Citizen who wishes to adopt a foreign-born child?

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Citizenship & Naturalization

Were you born outside the US with US Citizen parents? Were any of your parents or grandparents US Citizens? Did your parents become US Citizens while you had a green card as a child? Are you a green card holder wishing to become a US Citizen? Do you have questions about dual citizenship?

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San Francisco Immigration Attorneys

Our lawyers provide immigration solutions for your employment, investment, individual and family-based cases. This includes: work visas, investor visas, extraordinary ability, green cards, marriage and fiancé/fiancée cases, US citizenship and naturalization, asylum, DACA, TPS, LGBT immigration, consular processing, visas at the US embassy, and deportation and removal defense in immigration court.

We represent individuals and companies in a variety of industries all over the US, from start-ups to large publicly traded corporations. Our multilingual staff can work with you in French and Spanish. Nous parlons français. Se habla español.

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Se habla espanol. Visas de trabajo, inversion, inversionistas, habilidades extraordinarias, green cards, residencia permanente, matrimonio, casos familiares, ciudadania estadounidense y naturalizacion, tramites consulares, visas en la embajada de los Estados Unidos, asilo, DACA, TPS, inmigracion LGBT, defensa de deportacion en la corte de inmigracion.